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Adventure travel defines the human species

Travelling to exotic countries and destinations is not the latest fad. Adventure travel is all about the human condition.

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When you look back over the last thirty years in adventure travel, you can't help but notice how things have changed - but also how some things stay the same.

In the '70s we lauded the arrival of the new mega-jets, lead by the ubiquitous 747 'Jumbo Jet'. Then there are the new huge cruise liners, capable of carrying thousands of passengers in total luxury, complete with shopping malls, restaurants and casinos. So spoiled are they, many even choose to stay aboard when the vessel berths at a new port or destination.

Now the travel research and marketing gurus are extolling the 'new' travel passions and elite package holidays. Words and phrases like "transformational experiences" and "experiential travel" tossed about by the latest experts like a cure for the common cold.

If we've learned anything, travel and adventure is a fundamental of the human psyche. Famous adventurers and discoverers like Cook, Magellan, Darwin, Shackleton and countless others remind us of our inherently inquisitive nature and relentless quest for new experiences. Some people, usually so-called experts, have only now uncovered what true adventure travellers have known for decades.

Sure, the modern explorer travels with a camera instead of a gun, buys souvenirs instead of plundering and spreads goodwill not disease. But travel remains one of the core motivators in our society next to, according to the trendy advertising executives, cash and cars.

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