World Adventurer

Issue 1 | June - July 2005

Dear Adventurer

Welcome to our first edition of World Adventurer magazine. We hope you enjoy our selection of topical and enlightening travel, environmental and destination stories gathered from around the globe.

World Adventurer evolved from our Adventure News newsletter and was driven by you, the discerning, adventurous traveller. From the foundation of Adventure Associates over thirty years ago, I perceived a need for travel products and experiences that went beyond the many run-of-the-mill offerings then on the shelves at travel agencies. Our products are designed to enrich and challenge the modern, environmentally aware traveller who wants more than a hurried, whistle-stop bus tour. The success and longevity of this company, through the many ups-and-downs of the travel industry, is a testament to the quality and thorough research that goes into our tours.

The overwhelming success of Madagascar, Bhutan and our myriad Antarctic and Arctic journeys reinforces my belief that today’s traveller is looking for much more than a cocktail and deck chair on a beach somewhere. You wish to be uplifted, exhilarated and enchanted with your next adventure. You wish an experience to last and to share with family and friends. Therefore, our quest continues to bring you more of these once-in-a-lifetime “odysseys”.

So it is with World Adventurer - a new look, expanded editorial, plus offers and competitions to keep you interested between trips. Adventure News is not gone altogether, instead we’ll issue it occasionally in brief format to keep you abreast of our new tours, special offers and in-house news.

World Adventurer is your magazine and we invite your input. Please send us your letters, photos and travel experiences to share with like-minded travellers. We’ll have prizes and rewards for those we publish in the next issue

Dennis Collaton

Young Monks

Golden gong for land of the Dzong

It’s Official! King Jigme Singye Wangchuk and the people of the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan will receive the United Nations’ latest environmental award; the “Champion of the Earth”
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All Aboard for Svalbard

Trivia Question: Where is the world’s most northerly permanent settlement? Answer: Ny Ålesund in the North West of the island of Spitbergen - 78.9°N
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Inca trail heading for UNESCO World Heritage status

The Republics of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have on their territory a shared cultural heritage of outstanding value: the Qhapaq Ñan, or Main Andean Road.

The 6,000 kilometre road is the backbone of a greater network of some 23,000 kilometres of roads that formed the entire Incan communication network and was critical in the dissemination of their culture and civilisation.

UNESCO is working with the six countries to nominate the Qhapaq Ñan, also known as the Royal Road, for a single UWH listing - a truly pioneering initiative.

Additionally, the World Conservation Union, a non-profit conservation organisation based in Geneva, is heading an initiative to restore and revitalize sections of the “Gran Ruta Inca”. Their project aims to promote the sustainable development of the high Andean corridor and re-open overgrown portions.

Berenty: great leaping lemurs

To most of us, Madagascar is a huge, mysterious island somewhere over Africa way. Even hardened trivia masters stumble when posed questions on this enigmatic mini-continent. But chances are we could at least name one or two of Madagascar’s famous animals. If you said “Lemur” or “Chameleon” you can count yourself amongst the cognoscenti!
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