Tour Guide Agreement

Posted by on April 13, 2021

If the guide is indeed a valid contractor, then it is normal to pay him anything and provide only a free trip that accompanies the payment group. You guarantee and guarantee meet MeetinRome that you know and comply with all legal and licensing restrictions that you may impose when delivering tours or travel-related services. 8. Refund agencies may request a refund of the amount paid for a tour or tour service. In the event that a refund is made, only the amount actually received by MeetinRome (if any) will be paid minus the booking fee. 3. Using the MeetinRome website and services connects you to agencies looking for tours and travel services. We do this via our website bag.bookaguide.onlie (“Site”), which is a communication system to activate this connection. 16. Legal Claims For all disputes between MeetinRome and you concerning the site, this Contract, transactions that are facilitated or made via the Site, visits and travel services ordered or purchased via the Site, transactions between you and MeetinRome or any related matters (“litigation”), the parties will seek to find the least difficult solution to the dispute. Where a dispute is not resolved by the parties, the dispute must be resolved before a competent court. 2.

Acceptance as a tour guide Only professional guides can apply to become a MeetinRome Tour guide. After registration on the site, MeetinRome begins the reception process. Details of this procedure may include telephone interviews, presentation of documents, review of references and completion of training and examination. Whether you should pay for the guide depends on whether the guide is your collaborator or an independent contractor. If the guide is your employee, you must pay at least the minimum wage for the city, state or country in which he will work. You also acknowledge and accept that you are solely responsible for providing the necessary travel equipment or specific travel services that you provide in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and that you must ensure that this equipment is in good condition and complies with all applicable safety standards before commencing such a visit or travel services. However, if you want to rule out any risk of reclassification, you should consider a contract with a target management company (DMC) that can use a local guide in accordance with local law. You might even see if the DMC will temporarily employ your teacher.

You must read this agreement before using the site, creating a profile and setting up travel services. The use of the Site is an agreement on all the terms of this Agreement and you guarantee that you understand, accept and accept all the conditions contained here. Q: We make our own trips abroad from time to time and we keep competent amateurs such as university professors as tour guides. We have never had a written contract between our agency and the Fuhrer, but we think we should have one that protects us from liability. What would be in such a contract? Do we have to pay for the guide or can we just offer a free trip? Are the guides we occasionally use considered our independent contractors or our collaborators? Does it matter that we only keep them for one or two trips a year? Do guides need licenses? The amount collected for your services, reduced by our booking fee, will be paid monthly after the delivery of the visit.

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