The Dayton Agreement That Bill Clinton Brokered

Posted by on October 11, 2021

Speeches from a podium in front of 23 flags in French alphabetical order were strictly limited to six minutes each. Alija Izetbegovic, the Bosnian president, said: “My government signs this agreement without enthusiasm, like someone who takes a bitter but useful potion.” “When the (peace) agreement was reached, I was happy that there was no more blood or death around us, in the hope that we could build a better future together,” Sehic said. “But over time, I realized that filming had stopped, but nothing else had changed.” The main objective of the agreement is to promote peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to promote regional balance in and around the former Yugoslavia (Article V, Annex 1-B), i.e. from a regional perspective. They fled for another argument with Dirty Dick – the US chief negotiator Richard Holbrooke – to put on the flags and chairs in a row and restore some honour to the euro. The 21 days of negotiations in Dayton may have secured a Bosnian peace agreement, but they opened up a big rift between the US and the Europeans in the contact group. . . .

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