Sas University Edition License Agreement

Posted by on October 6, 2021

The SAS license, available through the Software Site License Program, is a one-year subscription license for the period beginning June 1, 2018 and ending May 31, 2019. If you use SAS for college business, want a clean copy, or need additional modules that are not available through the free options listed above, you can purchase a license: SAS licenses are available for faculties, staff, and students at CU Boulder, CU Denver/Health Sciences, and CU Colorado Springs. A user licensed for a university computer can use SAS on a home computer. The university`s SAS license can only be used for academic teaching and research purposes. The new SAS Academic Hub offers access to more than 15 free e-learning courses, materials for preparing for certification tests, and campus course materials. Simply access these resources by visiting the SAS Academic Hub and using an email address associated with the university during checkout. The SAS license is a one-year subscription license and can only be used for educational or academic purposes. SAS can be purchased as an annual subscription according to the following schedule. All licences expire on 30 June of each year. SAS licenses and installation media are available in the Computer Business Services Showcase Catalog in TUmarketplace. Type SAS in the search box for a list of available licenses, installation CDs, and prices. SAS 9.4 is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux systems.

The Northwestern SAS license includes the following modules: Installation files are available from Student IT and a license agreement must be submitted to IT Infrastructure Services to fully access the university`s localization license. To do this, students need the help of Student IT. Employees can submit the form via Service Now. . We have an e-learning system. We would like to present some courses such as basic sas programming, data science with SAS, etc. Can we use the SAS University Edition to teach them what SAS procedures/features are for a topic, for example.B. regression? Hello @BeverlyBrown, thank you for preparing such a useful article. I would like to know if I can use the SAS University Edition – I am employed by a non-profit organization and I want to use the SAS University Edition for our scientific publication/research. We certainly won`t use it for profit and everything we publish is under a non-commercial Creative Commons license.

Can I use SAS U to do analyses for our research? Thank you very much! The SAS University Edition License Agreement prohibits the use of the software for commercial purposes, including the publication of a book. An exception is if you are working with SAS Press or the SAS Author Assistance program. You can use the University Edition in combination with these programs if you log in to the software download page. I have a similar situation to @maqs, but I work (and I get paid as a biologist) at the Public Research Institute (, not at a university. .

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