Cdpp Enterprise Agreement 2019

Posted by on September 14, 2021

Commonwealth prosecutors have again shot down a Turnbull government wage deal in a scathing charge against its “nasty” public sector bargaining policy, the public sector union says. The union said the CDPP had seen an increase in staff turnover following the wage dispute, with “dozens” of prosecutors leaving the door after they did not receive a three-year increase. The two votes were the first time the CDPP had refused to reach agreements, which Community and Public Sector Union Assistant Secretary Melissa Donnelly called a “clear rejection” of the Turnbull government`s “nasty” negotiation policy in the public sector. Applications to the Senate`s Standing Committee on Education and Employment indicated that morality in the ranks of the civil service was at an all-time high after the long wage disputes. Employees of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions have entered into another Pay Agreement from the Turnbull Government. Credit:Darren Pateman The federal prosecutor employs 450 people in 10 offices across the country, including Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. “CDPP employees do critical work and prosecute offenders on issues such as terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child pornography and fraud against the Commonwealth,” said Donnelly. “As we heard recently during the Senate`s devastating inquiry into this negotiating chaos, Commonwealth prosecutors are deeply unhappy with the government`s lack of respect for them and their important work.” Katie Burgess is a journalist at the Canberra Times…

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