Bilateral Agreement Transport Canada

Posted by on September 13, 2021

6.2. In the event of disagreement between the Parties on the effectiveness of the measures taken, the Notifying Party may request the other Party to take immediate measures to prevent the Organisation from performing maintenance functions for civil aeronautical products as part of its regulatory oversight. If the other Party does not take such measures within fifteen working days of the notifying Party`s request, the powers conferred on the competent authority of the other Party in accordance with this procedure shall be suspended until the matter is satisfactorily settled by the Joint Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement. Until the Joint Committee adopts a decision on the matter, the notifying Party may take any measures it deems necessary to prevent the organisation from performing maintenance functions for civil aviation products as part of its regulatory control. `air transport` means any operation carried out by aircraft for the public transport of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, individually or in combination, for remuneration or hire; DESIRING to ensure the highest level of safety in international air transport and to maintain public confidence in civil aviation safety, maintenance procedures under the Agreement to Promote Aviation Safety between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Canada The full text of the air agreements in force is available on the Canada Contract website at the following address: To request documents that are classified as confidential (confidential) or whose disclosure has been restricted (for example.B. not yet definitively in force), please contact: The EU-Canada Air Services Agreement, signed on 22 December 2009, is the most ambitious aviation agreement to date between the EU and an important partner in the world. This Agreement will enter into force as soon as the EU`s internal procedure is completed. Due to the dynamism of the aviation industry and the different requirements of governments and airlines, the agreements and agreements governing air relations are constantly evolving and developing.

Either Party may, at any time, have notified the other Party in writing, through diplomatic channels, of its decision to denounce this Agreement. This communication should also be addressed to the International Civil Aviation Organization. This Contract shall expire at midnight (at the place of receipt of the notification to the other party) immediately before the first anniversary of the receipt of the notification by the other Party, unless the notification is withdrawn by agreement of the parties before the expiry of that period. In the absence of an acknowledgement of receipt by the other Party, the notification shall be deemed received fourteen (14) days after receipt of the notification by the International Civil Aviation Organization. If a general multilateral air services agreement enters into force for both Parties, the provisions of this multilateral agreement shall take precedence in the event of a contradiction. Consultations may be held in accordance with Article 16 of this Convention in order to determine whether this Convention should be amended and to what extent in order to bring it into conformity with the provisions of the Multilateral Convention. Airworthiness enforcement procedures including design approval, production activities, export aviation authorization, design authorization activities and technical assistance under the Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Canada for the Promotion of Aviation Safety The Agency publishes certain public information on Canada`s aviation agreements and arrangements, such as.B. the traffic rights of airlines designated under air agreements or other instruments. . . .

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