Zelle Customer Agreement

Posted by on December 23, 2020

B. Your use of the service is subject at all times to the terms of this service agreement. Your use of the service is also subject to the terms of the agreement between you and your financial institution. In the event of a conflict between this service agreement and the agreement between you and your financial institution, the terms of the agreement with your financial institution apply. Examples can be made, among other things, by fees charged by your financial institution, such as in the following section entitled “Fees,” or restrictions on the amount you can send, such as in the sections below entitled “Transfer Restrictions; Send borders. Calling is the best way to keep your potential losses low. The limit of your liability for unauthorized transfers is set by the agreement between you and your financial institution, but must not exceed the amounts listed below: you can at any time cancel your use of the Services by informing Zelle of his intention to withdraw at 1-844-428-8542. The termination of your use of the service means that the cell disables your profile and connects to our mobile app, and the email address or mobile phone number you have registered is no longer allowed to send or receive money. If you order the cell to cancel your use of the service, all transfers made with the service will be made from your bank account linked to your profile, but no new transfers to or from this bank account will be initiated by the cell. You must re-register with Zelle or with one of the Network Financial Institutions with which you are a customer to receive subsequent payments you receive after you stop using the service. If you revoke your use of the Service, we may retain your data in accordance with our privacy policy and, if necessary, to comply with applicable laws. You agree to access the cell`s website, in accordance with our terms of use, which are available on zellepay.com/terms-use and which have been included in this service contract and included in part of this service contract by this reference. We reserve the right to change the dollar amount of transfers that you can use without notice without notice, unless otherwise required by applicable legislation or regulations.

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