Wealthsimple Discretionary Management Agreement

Posted by on April 15, 2021

15. If the potential client decides to continue investing in a portfolio of models, an agreement (the “contract”) is made between the investor (the “client”), that: Investment PortfolioFor your investment portfolios, we charge the fees every day by deriding the 365-day annual fee and applying the final value of your portfolio that day. These daily portions are merged and debited monthly to your account. In short, our fees are listed each year, are billed daily and applied monthly. The end result for you as a Wealthsimple customer is that your account sees a small fee each month. One thing to note is that these fees do not include the management fees charged by the investment fund managers you hold. These fund management fees are called management cost ratios (the “MER”) and are expected to be about 0.2% per year. More complex, our investment management royalty is equal to the aggregate of 1/365 of the applicable percentage or 1/366 in a leap year, multiplied by the market value of the account at the close of trading on the TSX. Fees are payable on the last day of each calendar month and are recovered directly by the account portfolio manager. If you close your account, withdraw the entire balance from your account, or if you or Wealthsimple terminate the discretion management agreement, the accrued fees are immediately due and payable. Please note that Wealthsimple is not responsible for fees or fees charged by an investment fund manager, such as the .

B of a listed fund, in which the portfolio manager invests on your behalf. These fees or fees are paid directly or indirectly by the account concerned in accordance with the investment conditions of each applicable FP. Smart SavingsEe note that this product is no longer available to new customers. Since then, we have moved to Wealthsimple Save. Smart savings are forged for existing customers. For your savings, we charge the fees based on the allocation of the annual fee per 365 days and their application on the value of your portfolio, plus the daily interest earned. These daily portions are added up and deducted from your monthly interest deposit before they reach your account. The end result for you as a Wealthsimple customer is that the interest you see is the interest you will receive, and there will be no monthly deducted fees from your Smart Savings. To see a more detailed breakdown of our fees, you can always find them at the end of each quarter (March, June, September, December) in your bank statements. Are there any other costs other than your administrative costs? (a) will allow the spin-off to manage the client`s investment on a discretionary basis to ensure that the client`s account is managed in accordance with the agreed model portfolio and in authorized areas that can be adjusted at the discretion of the spin sponsor; As part of its business, Wealthsimple may purchase or sell the securities of its “related” or “related” issuers (hereafter defined) on behalf of its clients, exercise its discretion to purchase or sell these securities pursuant to discretionary management agreements, or make recommendations regarding those securities, including funds managed by Purpose Investments Inc. or Financial Mackenzie Corporation.

To clarify, Wealthsimple may buy or sell Mackenzie trust funds or funds on behalf of its clients. Trust funds may be considered “related” issuers because of the marital relationship between the client of Purpose Investments Inc.

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